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Every week we release powerful messages straight from the word of God. These messages are designed to help you discover more of Christ and his power in your life and the world.


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A message by Pastor Marcelle James.
Jesus established that He was the model of the disciples, that in following him, they to would drink of the same cup and the same baptism.
We are all following something or someone; as a people of faith, we are called to follow the leader of our faith. It's not just any leader. It's not "all…
Walking in my true identity full of courage, being assured that God will never leave me.
Hold on to the promise that God is with us wherever we go - no matter what is happening around us or to us. This promise from God assures us…
Spiritual formation or discipleship is the first step towards walking in the Kingdom of God, which ultimately leads to the renewal of the mind. Trusting in God starts with understanding…
Are we hiding behind a mask that can’t be seen by others? Jesus can see behind that mask, and He is calling us to come so that he can heal…

Palm Sunday

March 28, 2021
A message by Pastor Marcelle James.


March 21, 2021
A message by Pastor Marcelle James.


March 7, 2021
A message by Pastor Marcelle James.