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The year 2020 will be forever remembered as long as there is life! We look back and can truly say that God was with us! We began the year preaching about the seasons of life not knowing that we were about to experience a season of global pandemic! The Lord kept us through the year and will continue to see us through!

The word of God has been our strong suit for the challenges we faced and also at times the comfort in our sorrows and griefs. The preaching of God’s word is at times an agony of the soul, it is both a privilege and fearsome charge to repeat and expound on the thoughts and acts of God through the precious word. I am so grateful to those of you who have prayed and encouraged me through the past year! Here are some of the themes and highlights from the messages of 2020:

We started in January with the “Seasons of Life Series” preaching from the teaching of Donald Capps “The decades of Life.” and how we can find God in our Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter seasons of life!

Black History Month: Reconciling the Past Embracing the Future

  • Week One: Owning My Story
  • Week Two: Reconciliation Our Only Hope
  • Week Three: Embracing the future: A Time for Redemption Pt.1
  • Week Four: Embracing the Future: A Time for Redemption Pt.2

Lent: A time of preparation was the topic of the first Sunday of Lent! And little did we know this was going to be a season we were not prepared for. This was every preacher’s challenge to preach from outside the walls and comfort of the congregation. It is no fun preaching to a camera in your home! At times the nerves and anxiety had to be overcome with outbreaks of passionate prayer and worship! The hours of fixing the lights and background to remove all potential distractions so the word of God could take root in our hearts was repeated week after week but God gave grace! Then it was: Jesus for Every Season!

International Women’s Day: The Daughters of Zelophehad

Easter 2020: Our Theme: “The Darkness before the dawn”

Easter Sunday: “Then Came The Dawn” celebrating the power over death!

Following Easter and in the Midst of the pandemic we embarked on a six week sermon series called:
Overcoming Fear in The time Of Uncertainty

Mother’s  Day: The Tale of Mothers
This message is one I must revisit and at some time and develop further! The story of how Moses’ life was shaped by the two mothers in his life. Jochebed and the Egyptian princess daughter of Pharaoh.

June we began a series of Sermons entitled “The Road to Reconciliation”

  • Week One: We are All God’s Children
  • Week Two: We All Have One Father
  • Week Three: The Grace Filled Father A father’s day message that was also one of the messages that I will revisit and further develop.

In August 2020, we embarked on teaching the Book of Acts and were able to complete chapters 1-24 and we will attempt to complete this very essential required study of the early church.
Anniversary Service 2020: We celebrated 40 years! 

Earl James was our speaker for that special Sunday! We are so grateful for this message from Earl encouraging us to “Look to what is next: What’s our Mission.”

Advent came and we were able to embrace the theme from the Christian Women Connection:
Theme November 29th to December 20th “Experiencing The World Changer”

  • Wonderful Counselor
  • Mighty God
  • Everlasting Father
  • Prince of Peace
  • The World Changer.

These messages are all archived on our YouTube page for review at your leisure! It is my prayer that God’s word has been preached with depth and understanding resulting in growth and a closer walk with God! 

Let us continue to be faithful, and engaged, on and offline with these wonderful words of life and may we be so transformed by the truth that we are actively engaged in the mission of God.

Pastor Marcelle James
Lead Pastor