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November 29, 2020 |The Omniscient Counselor
“And His name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father and Prince of Peace.” – Isaiah 9:6

Beloved Child,
Do you know how much I adore you? When I look into your eyes – into your weary and beat up soul – do you know the joy that I feel? I see your struggle. I see the hurts and pains. I see the fear in your heart that maybe, somehow, I have turned my face away from you. Up until now, you have been resistant to my love. You have had your reasons. I know your struggles. But it is time for you to experience a love that you have only dreamed of from a distance. This is what your soul has been longing for. It is what it has always longed for. This is the love that you have been searching for all your life… in all the wrong places. I love you as you are right now – with all the scars and mistakes. I look at you and I know the real you, not just the mask you have put up to protect yourself. I love you far more than you even love yourself. You look in the mirror and you see distortions and fractures. You see the labels others have put on you, and the doubts you have believed about yourself. You are worried you have messed it all up. Stop looking into dirty and broken mirrors. I invite you to see yourself as a reflection in my eyes. Then you will see yourself as I see you. I created you on purpose. I created you for so much more. I know your deepest fears, doubts, and dysfunctions… and, yet I still see my child. My arms are open. There is nothing you can do to earn my love. It cannot be earned. It has already been paid for by My Son on your behalf. Because of Him, it is perfectly yours forever. But I get it. Love has betrayed you too often. It has cost you so much. It has left so many scars. It is scary to be vulnerable to such love. You, no doubt, imagine that my love is just more of the same and that I will eventually tire of you or be ashamed of what I see. You are afraid to look into my eyes and find that I am angry with you. But that will not happen. I only desire to honor you with a boundless Love and glory. I want to restore you. You have not known this love, because you have not asked Me for it, and instead, you have pursued lesser loves… counterfeit gods. Hear this. Know this. My love will not leave you as you are. My love heals. Do not look within or pursue more empty lovers. Come to Me. Your soul is weary, but I offer living water. Come and drink freely. Do not be ashamed. Come. It is time to leave the darkness and shadows that plague you and enter the light. I am ready to show you a love that changes everything.

– God.